It’s not a band…

Solo but sometimes there’s other musos involved

Are you sick of production getting in the way of a great song?

Are you tired of grubby musos messing up a perfectly good green room?

Have you had it with wanna be bedroom jockeys spitting out endless crap from their latest DAW upgrade?

Then you need Look Mum No Bands. Great songs with head in the song, naked production. And it all comes with the added bonus of just one muso!!

How’s that? Brilliant music, sensational lyrics and no baggage. You won’t believe it’s not a band.

What are you waiting for? Book Look Mum No Bands now!!!

Leave the multi ego disaster in the rehearsal room, I’m sure they’re still looking for the way out anyway.

And let’s not get started with that band in a box rubbish!! Yeah sure, that buzzy sound was out of this world at 3am after a 3 day recording session but listen to it now and that’s where it should have stayed, out of this world.

With Look Mum No Bands you get real instruments. Yes that’s right, those fancy things made out of wood and strings and stuff that people have to handle with their hands and practice, who would have thought? Amazeballs!!

So get on the phone, get on the net and book Look Mum No Bands now!

Make your next gig a real gig!

And that’s not all, at the right gig we’ll throw in a trumpet and even a piano! All with the one muso.

Look Mum No Bands, it’s a solo thing

Taking it back to the raw and vulnerable! Some days you just simply want to hear someone’s heart on their sleeve and a guitar - on those days you need to listen to this.
— Nkechi Anele, Triple J
One of the best observational poets around....
— Glenn Humphries, Dragstar, Illawarra Mercurry

The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016



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Riccardo Rad
Drums / Lead Vocals

Adrian Zhang

Noemi Guinto

Morgan Cruz
Keyboard / Vocals

Genevieve Laveau