Extremely Independent Records

Started in 1990 because you can't do anything without having a business entity to administer it. I mean, what happened to the time you could just collect not enough cash from the door to not pay the band but string them along with a line about saving up for the next album?

So Extremely Independent Records is the entity that the Australian Tax Office has caused me to create to handle obligations like tax file number, tax records and GST. The advantage is that it does put a focus to what I'm doing, and has been a massive help in keeping projects together such as venues, concerts, festivals and album releases I've created and organised over the years.

I'm not in the position to finance other acts releases so not being you're typical publishing or record label I can't sign you up and make you famous, sorry about that. However, if you need acts for shows or a project I can help. My network reaches fairly far and wide and beyond music I can help with theatre, cabaret and circus. Make a request, send an email, let us know what you're working on and I'll let you know how I can help.

Also for various cultural festivals I like to have a pool of interesting acts to call on. Send us a message if the thing you're working on is built on original material.

And thanks for stopping by the web site!!! 

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Steve Robinson